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Huevos Mexico Deli

Great selection of weekday Mexican breakfasts

By Robb Walsh May 7, 2013

Huevos Mexico's Deli is a messy but delectable plate of two fried eggs over crispy tortilla strips with roasted poblanos and fiery green sauce topped with melted cheese and sour cream. The breakfast comes with black beans and four tiny fresh corn torillas in a little brown paper bag for $6.99.

Breakfast at Mexico's Deli is served from 9 to 11 a.m. Menu items include egg tacos, chilaquiles, huevos rancheros, huevos divorciadas (red sauce on one side, green sauce on the other), huevos a la mexicana (scrambled with red tomato, white onions, and green peppers). Huevos al mole poblano was a new one to me, and so was huevos Acapulco (over easy eggs in poblano sauce served over a ham and cheese quesdilla).

Mexico's Deli is reliably excellent thanks to the efforts of its owner Alex Garcia, who previously had a torta shop in Mexico City. Give it a try: 2374 Dairy-Ashford (at the NW corner of Westheimer), 281-679-7790.

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