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Luscious Lobster Rolls

Maine-ly Sandwiches is Houston's destination for New England subs.

By Robb Walsh May 13, 2013

We learned about the excellent foot-long lobster roll at Maine-ly Sandwiches from Katharine Shilcutt of the Houston Press. Maine-ly sandwiches used to offer the lobster roll on Fridays only, but the sandwich's instant popularity convinced owner Buddy Charity to offer it everyday.

A lobster roll starts with the New England hot dog bun, which looks like the tops of two slices of white bread stuck together. The roll is toasted and buttered and then a whole steamed lobster is stuffed in. The lobster in the Maine-ly Sandwiches version is tossed in mayo and lemon juice. The foot-long sells for $18, but you can buy a half for $9. The definitive version served at Red's Eats in Wiscasset, Maine is around the same price, despite the fact that lobster are a lot cheaper up there. And while I got my sandwich in minutes at Maine-ly Sandwiches, I have waited in line over an hour to get Red's lobster roll.

 I was so encouraged by the authenticity of the lobster roll, that I decided to try an Italian sandwich. There was a ham sandwich and a salami sandwich on the menu, but no Italian combos. So I invented my own by requesting a half ham and half salami sandwich "all the way" (chopped onions, iceburg, tomato, bell peppers, pickles, Greek olives, and jalapeños) with Italian dressing instead of mayo and mustard. The Italian sandwich was exceptionally good--and a bargain at under six bucks.

Maine-ly Sandwiches is at 10745 North Freeway (I-45 just south of Beltway 8). The location is on the west side of the highway in a strip center that faces the southbound feeder. Call 281-820 8920 if you get lost.


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