Taqueria Thursday

Chilaquiles with Tripas!

Open just shy of three months, Taqueria DF could easily become a Spring Branch fave.

By Paloma Lenz May 23, 2013

Taqueria DF (short for Distrito Federal, the official name of the capital city of Mexico) has been open just shy of three months. With low prices and delicious food, it could quickly become a neighborhood favorite. 

Feeling adventurous on a Tuesday evening, I decided tripas would be the perfect topping for my chilaquiles verdes. The dish was a flavorful trip to the capital city. A generous amount of glistening tripe morsels were sprinkled atop crema and queso fresco. Delicately fried corn tortilla quarters smothered in a tangy green salsa burst with sabor in every bite. Alone, the fried “totopos” and salsa verde would have been satisfying, but combined with the salty bite of the tripas, the dish was excellent. I couldn’t help but look for something wrong. However, the tortillas stayed perfectly crisp underneath the cream and salsa – never soggy – and the tripas held their crunch.

Taqueria DF
6806 Long Point

This was my first order of chilaquiles. I'm familiar with its Tex-Mex cousin, migas – my mom makes them for breakfast quite often. One of the main differences between the two dishes is that the fried tortilla (“totopo”) is not usually cooked with egg – it can be, but it’s often served smothered in a salsa and topped with your choice of protein, crema, and queso fresco. Migas, usually a breakfast item, are corn tortillas that are lightly fried and then combined with onions, your choice of peppers, tomato, and egg. Also, do take note, chilaquiles is said to be Mexico’s choice remedy for a Sunday hangover.

Dinner for three adults was just $29.23 (Mexican Cokes included).

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