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Bo Ne: Vietnamese Steak & Eggs

The best steak-and-egg breakfast in town is at a Vietnamese restaurant.

By Robb Walsh June 12, 2013

Steak and eggs is an American coffee shop breakfast favorite. The Vietnamese version takes the classic Vietnamese dish bo luc lac, better known as “rock n’ roll beef” in Houston, and adds a couple of fried eggs. In Vietnamese, this dish is known as bo ne. They serve a version at Blacksmith Coffee, the hipster breakfast joint on Westheimer, but you might want to try the bo ne at a Vietnamese restaurant some time.

Bo luc lac in Vietnam is made with chewy cuts like skirt steak marinated in spices. Houston Vietnamese restaurants substitute beef tenderloin marinated with lemongrass. When you order bo ne at b-10 Vietnamese restaurant, you also get a salad and a baguette with a plastic cup half full of pâté and half full of mayo on the side.

b-10 Vietnamese
7515 Westheimer
9808 Bellaire

“Stir the pâté up with the aioli and spread it on your baguette, that’s what the Vietnamse kids do,” b-10 owner Thuy Tran told me. She also instructed me in the fine art of Vietnamese coffee. After the coffee has dripped into the sweetened condensed milk, you have to stir it vigorously to raise a lot of bubbles before you pour it over the tall glass of ice. 

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