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Del Frisco Grille's 2x2

Del Frisco Grill's double-meat, double-cheese burger is made with USDA Prime brisket.

By Robb Walsh July 25, 2013

One bite of the double-meat, double-cheese "Grille Prime Cheeseburger" at Del Frisco Grille will convince you that there are other things to do with a brisket besides barbecuing it. I asked for medium-rare, and it came to the table appropriately rosy and moist in the middle. The two quarter-pound patties were topped with a cheese blend, and sitting on a little chopped lettuce and a slice of tomato. The toasted bun was annointed with a zesty spread they call "Sloppy Sauce." On the side there was a cone of crispy frites served with a little squirt bottle full of ketchup and a kosher pickle. The "Grille Prime Cheeseburger" goes for $12. There's also a green chile cheeseburger on the menu.

The burger at Del Frisco Grille is different from the one at Del Frisco steakhouse--that steakhouse version features one large patty made with trimmings from the USDA Prime steaks. Del Frisco Grille buys the custom burger patty from the company's steak purveyor in Chicago. After checking with the executive chef, the manager told me the burger patty blend was primarily ground USDA Prime brisket.

The idea of using brisket for premium hamburger patties is not a new one. Pat LaFrieda Meats of New Jersey was one of several top-end butchers who popularized new burger blends that include brisket. If you want to try some at home, you can order Pat Lafrieda meat through Williams-Sonoma. Three pounds of the "ultimate burger blend" containing chuck, brisket and short ribs is $35.




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