Blackberry and Whipped Cream Tacos

A Tex-Mex take on blackberry pie?

By Robb Walsh September 5, 2013

At 8 a.m. this morning, Tacos A Go-Go on White Oak was pleasantly sunny and not very crowded. Instead of the usual scrambled eggs on flour tortillas, I decided to depart from the breakfast menu for a change of pace. I ordered a carne guisada taco and a blackberry and cream taco from the special "dessert taco" menu.

Tacos A Go-Go
2912 White Oak Dr.
713 864 8226

I've had a lot of dessert tacos in my day—most are made from cookie dough baked in a taco shape and filled with something resembling Mexican cannoli stuffing. But the blackberry dessert taco at Tacos A Go-Go is much simpler. Stewed blackberries and a little whipped cream are folded into a flour tortilla that's been dusted with powdered sugar and cut in half.

Flour tortillas and pie crust are made from the same ingredients—flour, fat, water and a little salt. No, a blackberry taco doesn't taste just like blackberry pie, but it is an approach to dessert tacos that I hadn't seen before. And the carne guisada followed by the berries was a nice mix of savory and sweet.



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