Hawaiian Breakfast

Spam Sushi

Some mornings, only the pink canned meat will do.

By Robb Walsh September 3, 2013

Had a hankering for the miracle meat, so I stopped by Aloha Grill to pick up breakfast. A big, honking, sweet, salty, filling Spam musubi—there is nothing quite like it. The sushi roll is made of seasoned sticky rice and a crispy fried Spam slice, held together with nori.

Spam is a favorite food of Hawaiians. I once travelled around the islands trying to figure out why and recorded a commentary about it for NPR. My conclusion was that Spam was ubiquitous because of the huge military presence during and after World War II—and it caught on because it tastes really good with poi. The only place where more Spam is consumed per capita that Hawaii is Guam.

Aloha Grill
11805 Westheimer
(H-E-B center at Kirkwood)

Spam musubi used to be the Hawaiian equivalent of a breakfast taco—only now most of the convenience stores that sell Spam musubi also carry breakfast burritos.

Aloha Grill is the only place I know of in Houston that sells Spam musubi. If you know of another place, let us know.

I suspect the real problem with making this at home would be convincing your housemates to eat it with you.I have never tried to make Spam musubi at home, but cooking videos on YouTube suggest that it's doable. Special equipment, like a plastic musubi form, is recommended, but you can also use the empty can to shape the rolls.

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