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Brazilian Pizza: A Carnival in Your Mouth

Moda da Casa means bacon, eggs, chicken and olives.

By Robb Walsh October 17, 2013

The "pizza moda da casa" (Portuguese for house-style pizza) was topped with hard-boiled eggs, bacon, chicken, and green olives. "Would you like ketchup or mayonnaise with that?" the waiter at Copacabana Pizzeria asked when he brought it to my table. My look of complete bewilderment elicted an explanation. "That's the way the Brazilians eat it. And there are more pizzerias in Brazil than the United States."

Copacabana Pizzeria
2825 S. Kirkwood
282 496 9922

The pizza was a wonderful change of pace. I ate two slices while I sipped a stout caipirinha cocktail at the restaurant and took the rest fo the pizza home. My kids devoured it in seconds.

This particular pizza solves a long-standing problem at my house. My 5- and 7-year-olds don't like pepperoni, mushrooms, onions, green peppers, or much of anything else on their pizza. We are stuck eating Margheritas most of the time. But hard-boiled eggs, bacon, and chicken chunks are all on the kid's list of favorites. And after a generous dousing with red pepper flakes, the pizza tasted pretty damn great to my wife and me as well.  I have a feeling I will be visiting this place again soon.

Copacabana Pizzeria specializes in Brazilian pizzas--there are 15 on the menu including a shrimp pizza and a gaucha pizza with steak. There are also 18 "Gourmet Pizzas" available. These run the gamut from traditional Italian to Mexican, Hawaiian, and BBQ. There's a steak melt pizza that sounds like a Philly cheese steak on top of a crust and a vegetarian pizza as well.

The business is actually a relocation. Some months ago, I drove up and down Westheimer trying to find a legendary Brazilian pizzeria called Friends. I finally realized that the address I was looking for corresponded to a pile of rubble that used to be a shopping center. "The owner of this place is the guy that used to have Friends," the waiter informed me. So Copacabana is the Friends sequel.

I never would have stopped in to the somewhat nondescript strip center if the restaurant hadn't hung a banner across the front of the building advertising $4 caipirinha cocktails. I was on the way home from the dentist and a cocktail sounded calming. Sadly, the drink was toothache-sweet (sorry, I couldn't resist). I won't be drinking cocktails here, but I will be back to sample more of the pizzas.

Expect a report on Copacabana's "Brazilan Monster Burgers" as well.


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