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Chicken-Fried Flounder

November is flounder season—what's your favorite way to eat it?

By Robb Walsh November 14, 2013

The chicken-fried Southern flounder at Brennan's of Houston is fried flatfish with a crunchy crust. The fish was quite tasty, though a little dry. Luckily, it's served on a bed of mashed cauliflower with crabmeat, blistered cherry tomatoes, and lots of "oyster Rockefeller" sauce. No, there aren't any actual oysters in the green goo, rather it's a puree of the spicy spinach and garlic base that's used as a topping on the baked oyster dish. The combination of chicken-fried fish and "green gravy" is a great example of Chef Danny Trace's haute Creole cuisine 

Danny Trace loves to fish, so he's keenly aware that November is the height of flounder season in Texas. As the water gets colder, the flatfish begin to move and fishermen regularly take their limits. The flounder population was dwindling until a few years ago when the limit of ten fish per person was cut to five and the gigging of flounder was outlawed during the month of November. Since then, the flounder population has increased steadily. Today flounder is considered a sustainable fish, and a great local delicacy.

I am hoping Kata Robata brings the flounder fish and chips back this year. I also love the whole stuffed flounder on Goode Company Seafood's menu. 

Got any favorite flounder dishes?



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