A Healthy Shrekfast

Long Point Breakfast Tacos

Las Glorias Taco Truck is parked where Ultimo used to be.

By Robb Walsh January 17, 2014

Instead of scrambled eggs, these breakfast tacos from a taco truck called Taqueria Las Glorias were made with fried eggs that have been lightly flipped around the other ingredients. Eggs and potatoes (left) went from bland to fiery with the addition of the extremely piquant green sauce provided; eggs and chorizo (center) tasted like they were made with Jimmy Dean breakfast sausage rather than Mexican chorizo; and the eggs and machacado (right) were authentically chewy.

I discovered the new taco truck this morning as I was driving down Long Point looking for breakfast tacos at 8:30 this morning. My old favorite taco truck, El Ultimo, wasn't open. But a few blocks farther east, in the carwash parking lot at the corner of Long Point and Antoine where El Ultimo once operated, the Taqueria Las Glorias truck had taken over. The Shrek-themed graphics make it easy to spot. 

The operators of this truck are a family from Tierra Caliente region of Michoacan, which is currently in the news. I asked the woman who made my tacos if her name was Gloria—she said no, but that was her mom's name.


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