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Dish of the Week: Crab Cocktail at Segari's

Celebrate crab season with the best crab cocktail in town.

By Katharine Shilcutt September 5, 2014

Segari's lies in that demilitarized zone between the Washington Avenue corridor and the Heights proper—a strip south of the Katy Freeway and north of Washington which still resists any real nomenclature despite an abundance of restaurants and other businesses. This could be one reason why the restaurant is so often overlooked when Houston food wonks begin naming off their favorite seafood spots. Then again, Segari's seems to cultivate an air of mystery, calling itself "Houston's best kept secret" and deliberately leaving prices off its menu in the same maddening fashion as Irma's.

1503 Shepherd Dr.

Don't let Segari's secretive nature deter you, however. If you did, you may never find yourself facing down the ultimate crab cocktail in the entire city. No hyperbole here. I mean, just look at the thing for yourself: an entire sundae glass filled with juicy bites of jumbo lump crab, oh-so-sweet and barely briny. Look all you want, but you'll not find anything else like this majestic dish anywhere else.

Segari's delivers its crab cocktail with a few slices of garlic bread and a ramekin of cocktail sauce with a nice horseradish kick. I like to make myself a couple of open-faced crabmeat sandwiches with the garlic bread by first slathering a slice with the cocktail sauce, then placing plenty of crab on top. And while we're in the midst of prime crab season, I can't think of a better time to go enjoy a Segari's crab cocktail for yourself if you've never had the pleasure.



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