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An Odd Mix of Emotions: The Soylent Diaries, Day Five

One foodie's struggle to subsist on Soylent for seven days

By Nicholas L. Hall October 31, 2014

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Day Five

3:58 pm

Woke up at 2. No Soylent yet, no problem. Only, I’m at the optometrist's office for my kid. Fish tank sand is making me hungry. Is that a bad sign? 

4:45 pm

Yogurtland. Kids keep trying to shove bites of red velvet, taro, and bobba in my mouth. I'm not entirely certain their motivation is charitable. Now planning to make Soylent ice cream. Made a few inquiries. A pastry chef friend of mine suggested I just use a home freezer. I think she just doesn't want me putting this crap thorough her machine...

8:07 pm

Sitting in a combined Taco Bell/KFC drive thru, getting desperation dinner for kids. Taunted by quesaritos and original recipe chicken. Oh, I hate the Colonel, with his wee beady eyes. We all love-hate Taco Bell. I'm love-hating the smell in my car.

8:34 pm

Shopping. Whole Foods chicken tikka chafing dish is beckoning. This is my first time in a grocery store since starting this thing. Rough.

8:56 pm

Lori caught me looking at her cheesy gordita crunch with a look of longing, a half-finished glass of Soylent sweating into my fist. First, she accused me of guilt-tripping her, then she pulled a When Harry Met Sally. Yes. On a cheesy gordita crunch. This is an odd mix of emotions.

1:37 am

I waited too long. You'd think there'd be a direct proportionality between how hungry you are and how much you enjoy Soylent. Nope. 

Check back tomorrow for Day Six of the end of food.

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