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Get Out: Valentine's Pas de Deux at Haras Hacienda

An equestrian show after dinner isn't the only thing that sets this Magnolia inn apart.

By Katharine Shilcutt February 5, 2016

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Haras Hacienda began as an equestrian facility in Magnolia.

Here to give the Inn at Dos Brisas a run for its money in the Equestrian-Friendly Inn with Fancy Restaurant Just Northwest of Houston category is a new contender: Haras Hacienda, a Magnolia horse farm with on-site boutique hotel, spa and upscale Mexican restaurant.

What began in 2000 as facility for longtime horseman Rafael Chavez to breed and train his Lusitano horses evolved over time thanks to his wife, Carmina Zamorano, who saw potential in the quiet Magnolia countryside. The Mexican nationals have a nearby summer home in The Woodlands (an increasingly common Newstonian narrative) but Zamorano found herself more attracted to Haras Hacienda, where she eventually built a four-room boutique hotel and multiple venues for weddings, parties and reunions in addition to the equestrian arena and other horse-related facilities.

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The attached restaurant—called, simply, Haras Restaurant—typically serves a blended menu of Mexican, Italian and French favorites at lunch and dinner. But for Valentine's Day, the restaurant is offering a prix fixe menu of modern American dishes like lobster Wellington and blackberry duck along with something a little different after supper: an equestrian show in the adjacent arena.

Two seatings are available, both leaving room for the show that begins at 8 p.m. Haras Hacienda will be pouring complimentary champagne to accompany the fancy footwork by Chavez's famed Lusitano horses. Guests are also welcome, as with every meal, to stroll the grounds or simply post up at the lush bar before dinner.

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Valentine's Day dinner at Haras Hacienda includes an equestrian show and champagne toast.

Act fast, and you may be able to book one of the four hotel rooms in time for Valentine's Day weekend so you can call it a night after dinner. But if you don't quite make it this year, Zamorano plans on adding more rooms to the property—which is still growing by the day—in the future.

Haras Hacienda, 26427 Peden Rd., Magnolia,


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