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Specialty French Fries Restaurant to Open in Houston

A New York-based chain invites you to Get Fried.

By Amber Tong January 18, 2017

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Truffle Love.

If you could bring one thing back from Europe, what would it be? For Get Fried founder and CEO Chris Covelli, it was the concept of a fry café. Now, this Buffalo-based specialty French fries restaurant is coming to Houston to satisfy all your frites needs.

With more than 10 options on its menu, Get Fried pushes the possibilities of loaded fries as Houstonians know them. Among their most popular options are 716, a Buffalo chicken and blue cheese combo; Southern Comfort, pulled pork or chicken drizzled with barbecue sauce; and Truffle Love, fries sprinkled with truffle oil and Parmesan cheese. For a classic, try Get Fried’s rendition of poutine, Oh Canada. If you are ready for fries but still miss your fast food staples, Rocky Balboa (Philly cheese steak), Pizza Head (pepperoni and cheese) or Cheeseburger (self-explanatory) are all good options.

Alternatively, you can simply order fries with a dipping sauce—Covelli’s homage to his original inspiration from the Netherlands. Being a minimalist doesn’t make the choice easy, though. After picking from six types of fries (from waffle fries to funnel cake "fries"), you have still got to peruse their selection of 20 gourmet sauces and decide whether you want chipotle mayo, Dijon horseradish, or Creole chile pepper sauce.

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With the French Connection, fries can be dessert, too.

Not a fan of the existing menu? You are welcome to customize your basket—and create a new option for everyone else. Covelli told us that whenever Get Fried arrives in a new city, he organizes a social media campaign inviting customers to create a specialty basket that will become a fixture on the menu. Past winners include the French Connection, a dessert featuring vanilla ice cream and cinnamon on sweet potato fries, as well as the Nacho Fiesta, a potato rendition of the classic Tex-Mex chips.

Covelli says most customers are new to the concept and react to their dishes in a lot of different ways. But bottom line—people like French fries.

“I am just excited to help them be as creative as possible,” says Covelli. “[Take] whatever they like, put it on top of the fries and we will be able to account for it.”

The 1,000 square-foot eatery will be the franchise’s first venture outside of New York since its success in San Antonio where, with a food truck, Covelli realized Texas’ potential to #getfried. The restaurant is still working to finalize the exact lease details and location at this time, but when it opens in early April, maybe Houstonians will prove him right.

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