So you've shelled out for the big ticket and you'll be heading to NRG Stadium on Sunday. Lucky you. And after spending princely sums, you don't want to be stuck with peasant food. Aramark is aware of this and is rolling  out a special menu just for the Super Bowl. Don’t be that person holding up the long lines because you aren’t sure which one of the specialty dishes to nibble on. To aid in your preparation, we've prepared a sneak peak of the best treats served during the game.

If you have dietary restrictions, though, you might want to fuel up in advance: Other than the Mediterranean finger foods in our slide show, Aramark has no main course menu items for vegetarians or those with kosher diets, disappointing considering how diverse Houston is.

Unless you prefer to live off of dessert, of course. In which case, if you have a major sweet tooth, the tiramisu is to die for.


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