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The Houston Whiskey Social Is Coming to the HSR Event Center Next Month

Get ready to bond over a Bourbon or Scotch that goes back to World War II.

By Emily Juhasz April 24, 2017

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Chris Morris, Bacardi Bartender of the 2017, mixes drinks.

The Houston Whiskey Social will return for its second year on Friday, May 19, from 7 to 9:30 p.m. at the HSR event center across from NRG Stadium. And with it, business partners Kristopher Hart and Y’Wante Curry are transforming the whiskey scene in Houston. The two friends, who met at the Man Cave Cigar Lounge in League City, decided to meld their passions for drinking whiskey and smoking cigars to create an event where whiskey was simply enjoyed in all of its multifaceted greatness, especially along with a stogie. Thus, the Houston Whiskey Social was born.

“I simply reached out to these brands and found out what they didn’t like about certain events. We got rid of everything they didn't like and brought the focus back to the spirit, the educational side and the social side,” Hart says. 

Hart also notes the fact that the Houston Whiskey Social is much more than just a night of tasting great whiskey and smoking cigars. It’s also a night that brings people together to socialize and become educated about the spirit. To put it simply, it's a bonding experience. “People will sit down with someone they’ve never met before, they will have a few drinks and everyone is best friends by the end of the night,” Hart says. 

The Houston Whiskey Social promises guests more than 200 whiskies to sample. Of course, the team understands that it is not humanly possible to taste 200+ whiskies without a bit of food. And while they have yet to decide on a caterer for the event, they have assured us that there will be plenty of delicious nibbles to feast on throughout the evening.

And nothing quite compares to the harmony of drinking a fine whiskey and smoking a nice cigar. VIP ticket holders will receive a complementary cigar from the Man Cave Cigar Lounge (while supplies lasts). Other cigar sponsors for the evening will include Nat Sherman, La Flor Dominicana and Oliva Serie V Melanio, all of which will be available for purchase that evening.

The doors will open at 6 p.m. for VIP ticket holders. Upon arrival, VIP ticket holders will enter a special vintage Bourbon tasting with offerings that date back to 1960. Preamble Lounge, located in Webster, is one of the sponsors of the evening. They will also be in the VIP lounge crafting vintage cocktails from bottles of spirits that date as far back as World War II. Hart noted that different eras in time appealed to different cocktails and mentioned that this particular experience “is a real, genuine piece of history.”

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Whiskey and cigars are in perfect harmony at the Houston Whiskey Social.

Even if you don’t manage to snag VIP tickets, the evening still promises to be filled with some special offerings. Hart and Curry have purchased an entire private barrel of bourbon specially for the event. The private barrel is from Knob Creek and was specifically picked by the attendees of last year's event. 

What about drinkers who don't love whiskey? Hart and Curry want the event to be open to everybody, so they’ve included some alternatives for guests who prefer to stick to their drink of choice. These options will include rum, gin, cognac, wine, and beer from Buffalo Bayou Brewing Company. But whiskey lovers will find an evening chock-full of whiskey tastings and even some educational seminars (for those who prefer a more intimate, educational whiskey tasting experience.)

For those who are unable to attend the event, Hart shared some noteworthy groups to join in order to fulfill all your whiskey desires. There is a Whiskey Night every Friday at the Man Cave where men and women gather to taste upwards of 40 whiskies and smoke cigars. You can also join the Houston Bourbon Society on Facebook, a group that shares any whiskey related event happening in the Houston area. Or you can follow Whisky Pete on Instagram. He’s the official mascot for the Houston Whiskey Social and is always documenting his whiskey drinking adventures in the Greater Houston Area.

Houston Whiskey Social, Friday, May 19, 7-9:30 p.m., VIP 6-9:30 p.m. Tickets start at $75. [email protected] [email protected]

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