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Can't get enough chocolate? This is the month for you.

CHOCOLATE LOVERS SCREAM FOR ICE CREAM because Dolce Neve is dedicating the entire month of October to sharing unique chocolate flavors from award-winning chocolatiers. Just like those chocolate makers, Dolce Neve's sibling duo, Marco and Francesca Silvestrini, has also received their fair share of awards for their impeccable gelato, which they created in Austin. Marco Silvestrini paired up with Tessa Halstead, from Austin's Chocolatier Tessa, to curate high-quality single origin chocolates. These varieties Halstead selected each come from among the best cacao-growing countries in the world, including Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Madagascar and Costa Rica. The country's finest chocolatiers use cacao beans from these countries to craft their chocolate bars, truffles and more.  

"The origin is different, but also the chocolatiers; they are all small-batch artisans and each of them have a very specific way of making chocolate,” the Dolce Neve team's publicist tells Houstonia. The Silvestrinis make their gelato using the chocolate as well as Texas-farmed dairy, just part of the local, scratch ethos they've imported from their native Italy. In order to compare and contrast which chocolate makers and producers are your favorite, we advise heading in to Dolce Neve once a week for taste, or on November 28, "National Chocolate Day" (we're insisting on quotes because December 28 and July 7 also come up in a search), when it will be possible to order a flight of all four flavors.

Want to pick and choose instead? Here's what's available each week:

  • October 2-8: SRSLY Chocolate of Austin, Texas, for a flavor featuring single-origin cacao from the Dominican Republic 
  • October 9-15: Amano Artisan Chocolate from Orem, Utah, which highlights a variety from Venezuela. 
  • October 16-22: Potomac Chocolate of Woodbridge, Virginia, for a selection sourced from Costa Rica. 
  • October 23-28: Fresco Chocolate of Lynden, Washington, with a chocolate hailing from Madagascar.
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