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Saint Arnold Has the Ultimate Beer Lover's Christmas Gift

How does free beer for life sound?

By Katharine Shilcutt November 15, 2017

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Saint Arnold's long-awaited beer garden is scheduled to open in the summer of 2018—and a membership will get you free beer there for life.

When it comes to gifts for the beer-lover in your life, you could buy a bomber of some limited-release brew that'll store nicely in a fridge until it's time to break it open and drain it—or you could pony up for a purchase that'll last forever. Or at least for as long as Saint Arnold Brewery is around.

The state's oldest craft brewery just broke ground on its long-awaited beer garden, which will feature an expansive outdoor lawn and gardens, bocce ball courts, and room to display some of the city's beloved Art Cars when it opens next summer. And for $1,000, you can get a lifetime membership to the Saint Arnold Society and be among the first to see the new beer garden: Not only will you get a hardhat tour of the construction site, you'll also get an invitation to the VIP Grand Opening party.

But that's not all: Membership in the Saint Arnold Society also comes with free beer for life. (Or, more specifically, a free beer every time you visit the brewery, excluding special releases such as the Divine Reserve series.) You'll drink that free flagon of beer out of your very own pewter mug, engraved with your name, that resides at the beer garden awaiting your regular visits—and who wouldn't be making regular visits when you get free beer. For life.

Memberships can be purchased online and come with a card, for either gifting or sliding into your own wallet. Not totally ready to splash out $1,000 yet? Pick up a $10 beer tasting pass for the brewery and bring your own pint glass to the tour for a budget version that'll still net you some truly tasty ales.

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