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Do You Need a $46 Whataburger Cup?

Yeti is betting that you do.

By Katharine Shilcutt November 15, 2017

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It just looks like a $46 Styrofoam cup.

Image: Whataburger

If you thought the marriage of the Whataburger logo and James Avery charm was the ultimate pairing of two iconic Texas brands, Yeti would like a word.

The Austin-based purveyor of ice chests and tumblers has partnered with the Corpus-based burger chain on exactly the thing to purchase for those otherwise-impossible-to-buy-gifts-for-at-the-holidays friends and family members. Who wouldn't want a Yeti tumbler that looks exactly like a Styrofoam cup? (Anyway, that Whataburger-shaped James Avery charm sold out within hours.)

Now, you might argue that no one needs a $46 tumbler—because that's how much the thing costs. You might also argue that no one needs to pay $46 for something that looks exactly like future trash on the side of a highway. You could even go so far as to express disappointment that Whataburger won't even be offering a discount on 30-ounce iced teas if you BYO tumbler. These are all valid—and yet!

I will be buying a Whataburger Yeti tumbler. And so will lots of you. Not just because Yeti makes a legitimately great tumbler that will keep your drink cold overnight—like what is that? Witchcraft?—and not because it's a no-brainer gift for literally any person that lives in Texas or has ever lived in Texas or even has slightly warm feelings towards Texas. But because, much like stealing and hoarding Whataburger table tents, we simply won't be able to help ourselves.

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