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When It Comes to Delivery, Houston Loves Beef Fajitas

Even when Houston orders in it sticks with meat.

By Cory Garcia December 7, 2017

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It's amazing what you can get delivered to your doorstep these days. Gone are the days where pizza and Chinese food were your only delivery options; with enough money in your bank account and a smartphone, you can bring the entire culinary world to you. The options feel limitless at times, but thanks to some data analysis by Grubhub, we have a pretty good idea about what Houston wants delivered. 

It probably won't surprise you to find out the answer is meat. Up at the top of the list this year are a whole bunch of chicken dishes—chicken tacos, chicken fajitas, chicken flautas, chicken fried chicken–and the ever-reliable beef fajitas. In fact, Houston orders beef fajitas more than any other city in the country, making us way cooler than burger-obsessed Dallas, sweet potato tot loving Philadelphia or Las Vegas, who order more tuna sandwiches than anywhere else in the country. Who knew that tuna was such a sin? 

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Nationwide, the big winner this year was poke. Houston, it seems, was not the only city to experience a poke boom in 2017, with the dish seeing a 600-plus percent increase in orders coast to coast. Those numbers make it the runaway winner this year, with its closest competition, soft pretzels, only seeing a 221 percent increase in orders. America's most divisive food, other than pineapple pizza, comes in at No. 3: avocado toast. Rage or cheer as you like. 

The biggest surprise, and the dish that I'm most happy to see on the list, are mini corn dogs popping up at No. 10. I promise you, you're never too busy, grown-up or cool to enjoy a plate of mini corn dogs.  

Now, if you're wondering what 2018 has in store in the world of home food delivery, Grubhub is ready to make some predictions. They're still high on poke, but they think the dish that's in the driver's seat right now is the lettuce chicken wraps, which are already doing booming business in Detroit. Other dishes to keep an eye on include bulgogi bibimbap, roasted cauliflower and pumpkin soup. 

But there's a dark horse dish out there, once that might just come out of nowhere to surprise us all: spaghetti squash. Believe it or not, it's one of the trendiest dishes in the nation right now. But this is still Houston, so if it wants to make it name for itself in this city, it's going to make friends with some serious local meats.  

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