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Snooze Has Some Festive New Options For the Holidays

Relive happy childhood memories with Nana's hot cocoa pancakes.

By Mai Pham December 21, 2017

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Hot cocoa “syrup” goes over Snooze's newest pancake creation.

Image: Mai Pham

As if there weren’t enough reasons to love Snooze, an A.M. Eatery, just in time for the holidays the ever-popular, ever-packed breakfast diner is debuting a brand new pancake across all of its restaurants today.

The festive winter pancake, entitled “Nana’s hot cocoa pancake,” is a banana walnut buttermilk pancake with a large melted marshmallow on top and a side jug of Mexican hot chocolate. When it arrives at the table, the server pours the hot cocoa “syrup” all over the pancake.

We give the pancake high marks all around. The chocolate ooze is mouthwatering. The banana pancake itself is infused with white chocolate chips and toasted walnuts, tasting a lot like banana bread, only plushier, fluffier and a tad sweeter. Swipe a piece of the pancake in the melted marshmallow, followed by another swipe of the thick Mexican hot chocolate sauce, and, if you’re an adult, it’s like reliving all of the happy childhood memories of baking in the kitchen. (Kids will probably go bonkers for it, too.)

While the description might lead you to believe that the pancake is too sweet, in fact the flavor is just right. That said, it’s large enough to share, and would make a nice ending to your breakfast if you were to start off with something like the breakfast tacos or the breakfast burrito.

Snooze am   christmas burrito krbkkf

It's the perfect time for the "Christmas-style" breakfast burrito.

Image: Mai Pham

In the end, that’s what we did, opting for a plate of their breakfast tacos with bacon, and a breakfast burrito, which we ordered “Christmas-style.” Ordering it that way gets you a burrito topped with both red and green salsa—not only delicious but perfect for Instagram.

Both the Nana’s hot cocoa pancake and the Christmas breakfast burrito are available at all Snooze locations in the city. They don’t take reservations, so go with a friend, go hungry and reward yourself with a bloody Mary while you’re at it.

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