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East Hampton Sandwich Company Is Here Just in Time For Summer

Frosé and sandwiches: what more could you want?

By Cory Garcia May 31, 2018

Yeah, this will end up on your Insta this summer.

Houston burns. The sun shines, the temperatures rise, and our thoughts turn to other places where the heat doesn’t hurt quite as much. If your thoughts turn to the East Coast, the beaches and soft colors of the Hamptons in particular, you’re in luck, because East Hampton Sandwich Company is open for business. Located in the River Oaks District shopping center, East Hampton lands in Houston from Dallas, marking the restaurant’s first expansion outside of their home city.

Don’t let the location scare you off from your desire to eat a lobster roll. Yes, it’s in a fancy shopping center that features a movie theater with $30 tickets, but the vibe at East Hampton is much more relaxed. The interior is soft blues and white fences, about as far from the industrial-chic stylings of so many other local options. They’ve even got some rather cute booth options for those of you looking for something even less formal.

East Hampton Sandwich Co. doesn't just sell lobster rolls.

Image: Cory Garcia

The drinks do a good job of matching the decor. The various lemonades and frozen drinks are soft but light in color, just enough to add a splash of brightness without drawing too much attention to themselves. What’s likely to be a crowd favorite is their frosé, which was so popular at their preview that there were some slight supply and demand issues at times. It’s understandable; while you can definitely taste the alcohol, there are some really pleasant fruity notes to go along with it, making it an excellent warm weather drink.

Everyone will be talking about the lobster roll, so I went deeper into the menu to see if their other dishes were just as good as their star dish. I was pretty happy with my Sidewalk Patty Melt. The combination of thin beef patties, melty American cheese, and bacon all worked together to make a sandwich that was messy in just the right ways. Along with their chips, which are seasoned well, I was satisfied with my first East Hampton experience.

Also, you should definitely consider grabbing one of those cookie sandwiches they have at the register. They look like those dense monsters you might get at a mall food court, but the cream is much lighter, which makes for a satisfying dessert that won’t leave you frozen with sugar shock the rest of your night.

This is only the first East Hampton to open up in the Houston area. They’ll be opening up a location at 907 Westheimer Road in the future, and if the quality matches up to the one at River Oaks then that’s good news for Montrose sandwich fans. Be warned: East Hampton does get loud, so be prepared to speak up if you’re dining with a partner. Still, a small price to pay—cheaper than a plane ticket—for a temporary escape to the east.

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