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MerryMuffins Will Make You Rethink What You Know About Muffins

These healthier muffins pack in some real flavor.

By Cory Garcia May 11, 2018

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There's a lot going on in these muffins.

Image: Cory Garcia

I’m pretty ambivalent about muffins. Because they don’t rank high in my baked goods power rankings, I tend not to think about them often, and when I do it’s only in extremes. In my mind, there are only the small ones that come in snack packs and the overly sweet monstrosities you get at the grocery store. Both are delicious, sure, but neither quite work for me on anything approaching a regular basis.

So it was with great surprise that I found myself suddenly so interested in what MerryMuffins has been up to. After getting a piece of snail mail from them—I appreciate anyone who thinks I’m worth a stamp—I found myself looking up their creations online and becoming very interested in their savory and sweet options.

I arrived with one goal in mind: to try their pepperoni pizza savory meal muffin. I eat some variant of pepperoni pizza pretty much every day, and I’m always looking for new variations to put into the rotation. I’ll admit, I had my doubts when I sat down and waited for my muffin to be warmed up.  Could a pizza-themed muffin made with turkey pepperoni, Greek yogurt, and monk fruit, among others, really impress my taste buds?

Before I even took a bite, I was blown away by how good this muffin smelled. As for the taste, it was quite good. The flavors were well-balanced and the texture was moist, because of the inclusion of the pasta sauce in the mix, I believe. The turkey pepperoni, in particular, did a good job bringing taste to the party. It never felt heavy, and when I was done I didn’t have that “well that was good but regrettable” feeling that occasionally comes with big muffins. It was a total winner as a meal, provided you topped it off with a dessert of some kind.

Which I did, of course. The chocolate lava sweet muffin didn’t thrill me the way that the pizza muffin did, but it didn’t have the benefit of a “something I never tried before” aura. Still, it’s smell was spot on and the flavors were good, making it another muffin I wouldn’t mind having in my life again at some point.

There’s still plenty on the MerryMuffins menu I’d like to explore—that pancake chocolate chip muffin is singing a siren’s song and I’m a party mix junkie—but I’d definitely recommend that pepperoni pizza muffin the next time you’re looking for a pizza fix without all the grease. At the very least, it’s made me, for the first time in my life, interested in muffins.

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