Green With Envy

Eat the Strongest Matcha Ice Cream In America

Level up to get a true green tea buzz at this new Asiatown shop.

By Sandy Tang December 10, 2018

Houston’s matcha craze is soon to be taken to the next level with allegedly America’s strongest matcha ice cream. Yes, the strongest.

Meccha Matcha opens December 15 at 9889 Bellaire Blvd. The premium matcha-centric café explores an extensive menu of green tea concoctions from earthy Japanese tea blends to decadent pours of affogato.

In Japanese meccha translates to “very,” and the ice cream is indeed so. There are levels to this: Rookie level 1 is a soft creaminess that melts with delicate leafy essence, while level 2 is the most popular, and level 3’s intensity reigns intimidation. That's a fat scoop of a whopping 55 percent authentic Japanese matcha churned ice cream. As warned, according to Meccha Matcha's website, "Once you go level 3, all else will taste bland."

With tea handpicked and imported from the city of Uji, the ceremonial-grade green tea ice cream’s bittersweet delivery is unmatched standing side by side to its competitors’s matcha soft serve. Items throughout the menu offer the richest, most natural ingredients of hojicha (roasted green tea) genmaicha (brown rice green tea) and black sesame, as well as few rotating seasonal sweets.

Meccha Matcha takes on a big claim, but the level 3 matcha frosty treat easily proves its worth for that title. These people take this green tea business seriously, and the quality speaks with matcha love.

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