Shoot The Moon Self-Serve Restaurant and Bar Slated to Open Next Week

After Covid-19-related delays, Shoot The Moon in Spring Branch is about to open.

By Shelby Stewart July 19, 2021

Shoot The Moon, the self serve restaurant in Spring Branch, is set to open July 26. 

Image: Amy Scott

THE HIGHLY ANTICIPATED Spring Branch restaurant Shoot The Moon is finally making its debut next week. 

Developed by Kevin Floyd, the self-serve bar is complete with 80 different taps of beer, wine, cocktails, and spirits, such as bourbon, vodka, and a selection of high-end American whiskeys. Floyd says that despite the obstacles that came with being socially distanced, the concept for the restaurant was created long before the coronavirus pandemic. 

“I had seen some self-service/self pour bars years ago, like a decade ago, and that was when that technology was the first kind of showing up, and I was always fascinated with the concept because it allows you to do all kinds of cool stuff with hospitality,” Floyd tells Houstonia. “But at the time, the technology was like 10 years ago, so the technology was super chunky, it didn't work very good, and more specifically, it was illegal in Texas, so there was no point in even worrying about trying to do it because it was illegal, so I put the idea on the backburner.”

It wasn’t until the state of Texas made the decision to legalize self-serve that Floyd decided to re-visit the thought. Upon the legalization of self-serving restaurants and bars, Floyd began to conceptualize exactly what he’d want a self-serve restaurant to look like, and he called on two colleagues — ​​culinary director Dax McAnear (Beaver’s, Underbelly, Hay Merchant) and development director Jonas Herd (Underbelly, One Fifth, Dish Society, Nancy's Hustle).

Shoot the Moon features a wall of 80 taps divided between beer, wine, cocktails, and spirits.

Image: Amy Scott

The uniqueness of self-serve alcohol is for sure a futuristic concept, but Floyd believes many other restaurants will follow suit. But the novelty of Shoot The Moon isn’t just the drinks, it’s the food. 

“The other thing that I think is really cool about Shoot The Moon, and really honestly — a lot of people have been talking about because we've all really been focusing mainly on the novelty of the self-service beverage program — is the food program. Because Chef Dax is amazingly talented, and I can't think of anybody else I would have been able to do a project like this with.”

The menu is filled with pizza and small bites, crafted in McAnear’s chef-driven kitchen to offer tasty foods, in a casual atmosphere. Shoot The Moon’s small plate offerings include house-made pimento cheese stuffed mushrooms, buffalo crab legs, and baked sweet potato tots with spicy mayo. 

Confit chicken thighs at Shoot The Moon restaurant. 

Image: Amy Scott

When asked about customers potentially going overboard, Floyd simply says, “with great freedom comes great responsibility. I would think that a normal consumer that's not like you know, hitting this high, high prices. I think that you're looking at about a $25 to $30 per person experience and that's with food and beverage.”

Upon entering, you can expect to see a makeshift hallway where customers will be greeted with a welcome sign that instructs them on how the process works. The cash registers mark the first checkpoint where customers will actually interact with the staff. Customers can open a tab, and then are given an access card, that helps the restaurant keep track of your location, so servers can deliver your food to you. With their self-service technology in mind, drinks are priced by the ounce and their system boasts the utmost accuracy — so customers only pay for what they pour. When you’re ready to leave, you can simply drop off your access card in one of their many lockboxes located around the facility, and never have to check out with anyone. 

Shoot The Moon is located in the Spring Branch, at 8155 Long Point Rd., neighboring Feges Barbecue, Tacos Del Julio, and Slow Pokes, and will be open for business starting Monday, July 26. 

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