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5 Spots to Shop Holiday Treats

Bakeries in Houston making scrumptious holiday treats.

By Danielle Wright December 23, 2021 Published in the Winter 2021 issue of Houstonia Magazine

This massive Pumpecapple Piecake from Three Brothers Bakery weighs in at a whopping 23 pounds.

The candied smells of gingerbread cookies, vanilla cakes and pecan pies saturating the air throughout the holidays send most into a sweet tooth overload. These five bakeries in Houston are making scrumptious treats this season that’ll surely have residents lined up for the seasonal selects. Travel to Latin America with Sweets by Belen or  snatch up a vegan cookie from Sinfull Bakery to ease your holiday cravings. As we approach the most wonderful time of the year, try these must-have sugary delights.

Three Brothers Bakery

Three Brothers Bakery is  home to  the critically acclaimed Pumpecapple Piecake. The massive delicacy is made up of pumpkin pie that is baked into a pumpkin spice cake, which sits atop its award-winning Pecan Pie, warmed in a chocolate cake. Next, the cake is stacked onto an apple pie that is melted into a spice cake. The Piecake is stuffed with cream-cheese icing and a caramel drizzle, garnished with pecans to satisfy every craving awakened during the Noel season. Braeswood, Memorial and Washington locations.


Owner of Sweets By Belen, Belen Bailey pictured with her Alfajores cookies.

Sweets By Belen

Peruvian bakery Sweets By Belen has the ingredients for a Christmas cookie worthy to “serve Santa.” The Alfajores cookie is a traditional South American shortbread crumble sandwich, packed with Latin America’s addictive Dulce de Leche and a hint of caramel flavor. These authentic mini bites instantly melt in your mouth for a divine taste, which is subject to chronic visits all through December. 6001 Hillcroft, Suite 400.


Vegan Chocolate Mint Cookies at Sinfull Bakery.

Sinfull Bakery

A minty flavor truly defines the holiday season. Houston’s first vegan dessert shop, Sinfull Bakery, is best known for their green-drizzled chewy Chocolate Mint Cookie. Be sure to keep a hidden stash of the fan favorite confection, as the rare treats are baked once a year, exclusively on the 25th of December. 1714 Webster Street.

Moeller’s Bakery

Bellaire’s own Moeller’s Bakery brings a custom pastry to the south with a German classic, Christmas Stollen. A moist sweet bread is loaded with cinnamon, cashews, fruit and raisins. The pastry is finished with white glaze icing, fruity-candied cherries and pineapple chunks. Not to be compared to fruitcake, Moeller’s bread-like stollen is a deliciously unique experience. 4201 Bellaire Blvd.


Gingerbread Bundt Cakes from The Baker's Man are the perfect treat to bring to the table.

The Bakers Man

Black-owned bakery, The Baker’s Man, combines a fluffy bundt cakes and gingerbread flavor to create their notable Gingerbread Bundt Cakes. Using locally sourced ingredients, this holiday dessert is freshly baked each day with sweet molasses, and topped with cream cheese frosting and tasty white chocolate chips. This poppable treat will easily have you craving for more. 3622 Main St, Ste. B2.


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