This month’s Drawl, a fun back-page chart by writer Craig Hlavaty that compares Houston in 2020 to the city back in 2010, got me thinking. The Bayou City has evolved, but have I changed alongside it? Sort of…

2010   2020
N/A ROOMMATES One husband, one niece, three dogs, one cat, one houseguest
Mustard, Lean Cuisines, vodka STATE OF THE FRIDGE Ready for the apocalypse
N/A SIGNATURE DISH Salad niçoise with house-smoked salmon
Friday Night Lights DVDs from Barnes & Noble TV HABITS Schitt’s Creek on Netflix
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo READING City of Girls
Dancing at The Big Top EXERCISE HABITS Morning walks; housework; streaming workout videos
Trying to cut out carbs. DIET OF CHOICE Still trying to cut out carbs. Heavier. (Note to self: change diet.)
"I don’t need no stinkin’ therapy!" VIEWS ON THERAPY “Wait, you’re going out of town? How will I survive?”
Best friend’s birthday bash MAJOR THRILLS Spotting bluejay on feeder; finishing leftovers
Hot new restaurant + drinks at The Island IDEAL SATURDAY NIGHT Grilling + cards + SNL
9 (except for the rare 2 days). HAPPINESS LEVEL Honestly, still 9 (unless it’s 2). I believe I was born there, and that I’ll die there. But I’ll still be using this month’s inspiring cover feature, “The Pursuit of Happiness: 60 Ways to Have Your Best Year Ever,” as my guide to the year ahead. Insurance!
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