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Everything’s better with a friend, or 10.

By Chris Abshire January 4, 2015 Published in the January 2015 issue of Houstonia Magazine

Fill up the stat sheet in the GUS basketball leagues.

Are you one of those rabid, overly competitive types for whom motivation means destroying an opponent? The one with the red face and too-tight headband arguing endlessly over whether the ball was out? Relax, pal. Houston has so many adult sports clubs and social leagues, you’ll never run out of victims.

Houston Sports & Social Club, multiple locations,

The Draw

We could be wrong, but we’re thinking the balance here tips toward the social. To wit: “We appeal to the recreational player, the social person who likes to network or meet people in a comfortable setting over a good game or with a good beer,” says owner Omid Rafiei, who belongs to that tiny subset of men out there who met their wives in a kickball league. Accordingly, HSSC offers a healthy dose of off-field events, from happy hours to volunteer efforts, and—bonus—a 50-to-50 male-to-female ratio. “It’s rare to have the breakdown so even in these recreational leagues,” proudly proclaims Rafiei, the Noah of contemporary fitness. 

Most Popular Sports

Sand volleyball, followed by kickball

Spike Sport, 10914 S. Gessner Rd.,

The Draw

If there’s a heaven for volleyball players, it most likely looks like this 45,000-square-foot facility. It boasts eight courts, all with the same shock-absorbing floors used in Olympic venues, which means players can compete for all eternity without racking up tons of injuries. For purgatory types, Spike hosts leagues as well as Tuesday-, Thursday- and Sunday-night pick-up games. 

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Grown Up Sports, multiple locations,

The Draw

Relatively new to the scene but possessing the friendliest of acronyms, GUS organizes leagues in six different sports, for everyone from beginners to near-pros. (Evidence: A few former NBA players have participated in the advanced basketball leagues.) But these folks take you seriously whatever the level of your game, keeping official individual stats and recapping hoops games on their website. “People like that recognition and personal attention,” says co-founder John Favor. “You’re not just showing up to a gym and rolling the ball out there.” What’s next? Fantasy leagues?

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Basketball and soccer

Houston Sportsplex, 12631 S. Main St.,

The Draw

This place specializes in softball for the not-soft-at-heart. Think intensity, think strict rules, think real umpires and ejections for arguing. Hell, think free agents between league seasons. Did we mention this was all for softball? The stakes are high, but so are the pleasures, and we don’t just mean the kind you get from reading trash talk on the Sportsplex message boards. 

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“Soft” ball

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