If there’s one overarching, undeniable, potentially suffocating theme in today’s interior colors and textures, it’s this: people are no longer obsessed with Scandinavian minimalism, no longer given to hiding their wealth behind a show of restraint. Thus, designer Jacques Grange—whose recent work includes Valentino’s baroque New York City apartment—is in demand, as is Peter Marino, whom New York magazine recently referred to as the “leather daddy of luxury.” 

“I am seeing over-the-top detail and really luxurious fabrics,” says Cecilia Marquez, creative director of the Rice Village boutique Saint Cloud. The latter include shimmery silk dupioni and silk velvet, often in rich colors such as oxblood or forest green. Leather abounds, and everything that could possibly be gilded must be, from end tables to lamps to wallpaper.

Yes, wallpaper. It’s back. Artists and designers are coming out with custom paper or collaborating with manufacturers on their own editions from established brands. In both wallpaper and currently voguish marble flooring, geometric patterns dominate.

Meanwhile, some vestiges of minimalism endure despite the onslaught of splendor. “Pretty much everything is coming out in black and white,” says Marquez. “Two lines that I carry have their whole collections in black and white. People don’t even feel like they have to offer anything else.”

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