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Spoonflower analyzed 200,000 recent fabric purchases by geographic location to create their first-ever Décor Map of America.

I get a lot of emails that feature some kind of dubious ranking. Did you know Texas is No. 16 in the U.S. in green bean casserole consumption? According to the Del Monte Green Bean Index and my inbox, it's true. Generally I store these in my special corporate filing cabinet (read: trash bin), but every once in a while a random ranking catches my attention. 

Today is one of those days, as I've just learned that Houston is the number one city in the country for zombie décor. This is according to custom fabric seller Spoonflower, which crunched the data from 200,000 recent fabric purchases to determine which cities favored different prints. It comes as no surprise that Victorian prints are popular in Berkeley, Cal. (think of all the painted ladies and other Victorian-era homes in the area), that black-and-white checks are a hit in New York or that Native American patterns are big in Oklahoma City.

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Zombie pin-up girls is one of 400(!) zombie fabric and wallpaper patterns available from Spoonflower. I think we can all agree that is entirely too many.

And yet I am truly baffled as to how or why Houston residents, who are generally known for a more traditional take on interior décor, order more zombie-print wallpapers, fabrics and gift wraps per capita than residents of any other city. Who even knew that zombie wallpaper was a thing? A lot of you, apparently. Spoonflower is even calling Houston the "Zombie Capital of America," which better not take off because I am already weirded out by it. 

Houston is also the number one city for paisley patterns, which the site attributes to our cowboy heritage, though I think it's more in line with the conservative, slightly British, vaguely masculine style that pervades here. I have no theory which could explain the zombies though. Y'all really love The Walking Dead?

At the very least, add this to the arguments that Houston is actually Texas's weirdest city—by contrast, Dallas favors preppy polka dots and Austin was beaten out as the city that buys the most "hipster motifs" by the not-at-all-hipster residents of Washington, DC. (Of course, real hipsters would never decorate with something so obvious as a hipster motif, they are far more likely to repurpose cinder blocks as coffee tables, or some such. So Austin's actual hipster quotient is indeterminable from the available wallpaper pattern data.)

Houstonians: Why are you decorating with zombies? Please leave any and all theories in the comments.

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