When the steel frame went up for a house on Centenary Street in 2011, West University residents were alarmed. Swamplot called it a "tin house panic" — the more traditional neighbors were concerned that the structure wouldn't fit in with the posh enclave's aesthetic. Chris Peifer, West U's city manager who was director of Public Works at the time, emailed the city council, telling them that the city doesn't regulate "personal taste or aesthetics" but giving them a heads up anyway, because "there are high-value properties directly adjacent to this property that may take exception."

The home was designed by Cameron Armstrong, who told Swamplot that his metal-sided home was built to last four times longer than a traditionally constructed wood-frame house. 

"About half the block wanted to file a class-action suit — seriously — and the other half was like, 'This is beautiful, this is what West U needs,' " the home's owner, Jeff Daniel, told the Chronicle in 2013. But by the time Daniel and his two teen children moved into the 4,420-square-foot house, which has exposed wood-beam ceilings and an open floor plan, the panic seemed to have let up — Daniel said a neighbor even gifted him a "150-year-old sinker magnolia wood console," which, although we're not sure what it is, sounds like an expensive peace offering. 

Now, Daniel's moving out, and this out-of-the-box home could be yours, for a cool $2.2 million. Click through the slideshow to see shots of the four-bedroom, three-and-a-half-bath home, which includes a backyard pool, a roof deck, and the knowledge that your taste in homes has pushed the buttons of your neighbors. 

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