It Actually Is Easy Being Green

This Austin-Based Company Wants to Spruce Up Your Sad Desk Space With Greenery

Desk Plants is exactly what it sounds like.

By Rebekah Kibodeaux February 10, 2020

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An ode to one of the hardiest, show-stopping plants around, the Sansevieria (HEART-EYES EMOJI): Oh snake plant, we love you, for all that you are. With so many great qualities, you raise the plant standards bar. Which one is our favorite? We really can’t choose. Each with their air cleansing qualities, you simply won’t lose! So pick out a snake plant, and let that tall beauty shine. We have too many to count now, making us feel oh so very fine😁. 🌱🌵🌿🐍🌱🌵🌿 #deskplants #snakeplants #sansevieriasunday #happysansevieriasunday #hardtokill #motherinlawstongue #greenthumb #austin #succulents #austintx #atx #austintexas #plantstore #aloeyouveramuch

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The average American office employee will spend roughly one-third of her life in the workplace. Let that sink in.

Or better yet, maybe don't.

It’s a horse-pill we’re expected to swallow, but it’s something that most of us have learned to accept, and sometimes even make the best of. There are plenty of strategies office staffs can embrace to help make their nine-to-five grind more satisfying, and, as we’ve discussed before, houseplants are an inexpensive option with a natural, magical ability to liven and freshen up any space.

“Let's face it, the average office atmosphere is stale and doesn't inspire people to reach their potential,” Austin-based business Desk Plants says. “In addition to that, most commercial buildings contain harmful airborne toxins, known as volatile organic compounds, that can have serious negative impacts on long term health.”

Desk Plants' mission is to supply simple, tabletop-sized plants and a wealth of knowledge about their care and benefits. “One of the most common complaints we hear from people is that they can't keep plants alive,” the site says. “That's why we have curated a selection of plants that naturally thrive within indoor environments.” 

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“Hello, Desk Plants? My Pothos is developing black spots and I don’t know what’s wrong. HELP!!!”📞📟📠📲 Not to worry friend, we’re here for you and your plant care needs!🌿🤓 When it comes to black spots that randomly show up on the leaves of a Pothos, overwatering is most likely to blame🚿. Like most of our green pals, Pothos require less water in the winter months and excess water can clog up soil and lead to root rot (which then cause black spots to appear on the Pothos’ leaves). Here is the best way to revive a drowning Pothos: 🌱Take the plant out of its pot and check to see how wet the bottom of the soil is. 🌱If the soil is wet, discard old soil and let the plant dry out unpotted overnight.😴 🌱Replant in dry soil and keep the Pothos in bright, indirect sunlight. Avoid watering until the leaves start to soften and droop a little. Now your plant is ready for more H2O!💦

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Desk Plants officially launched its store in Austin back in November, literally cementing its place in that community as the go-to modern nursery after spending time popping up at expos and marketplaces. Intrigued, I ordered a tiny Zebra Haworthia for my husband with hopes that it would brighten up his windowless office.

The process was easy enough. With a website as extensive as Desk Plants', it wasn’t difficult to shop and find the right plant for our needs. Safe for pets, in case we kept it at home (because you just never know with puppies), the Zebra Haworthia only needs water every two to three weeks and does well under just about any light conditions. Shipment from Austin to Houston took nine businesses days from the confirmation of my order, and, thanks to perfectly fitted packaging, the plant arrived in pristine condition.

Also included was a nifty care card reiterating the information I had learned on the product’s page, the perfect size to keep in a desk drawer or by your monitor as an easily accessible reminder of how to care for your new little plant baby.

If you’re seeking a fun way to fill your home, office, or home-office with greenery, Desk Plants could be your cup of tea. Plants come in pots with all sorts of attractive, modern designs, and at prices ranging from $14 to $38. Support our neighbors to the northwest, and overcome your suspicion of succulents, and you’ll find yourself with a green thumb in no time.

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