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The Truxillo Victorian in the Heights Is All Dressed up for Christmas

We can thank the new owners of this iconic 1892 estate for decking the halls in style.

By Laura Furr Mericas December 21, 2020

This year, the Greer family made sure their 128-year-old Truxillo home in the Heights was decked, front porch to turret, for the holidays. 

Dear Cindy Lou, if you’re still looking for Christmas, you can find it at the corner of Harvard and 18th streets in the Heights. The 1892 Truxillo Home is decked from front porch to turret, courtesy of new owners Jan and Tyson Greer. 

The couple and their two sons moved in about 11 months ago and have spent the better part of the past two years restoring and renovating the piece of Houston history with the help of Greymark Construction. The castle-like abode was built by the original developers of the Heights and is one of only two remaining George Barber homes in the neighborhood. It boasts 13-foot ceilings, gorgeous hardwoods, a reading tower, English gardens, stained glass, and charming nooks and crannies, which Greer documents on an Instagram account for the home, @victorianintheheights.  

Bart Truxillo, a legendary preservationist in the city who promoted the protection of the Heights long before it was cool, occupied the five-bed, five-bath estate from the early '70s until he died in 2018. Its current occupants share a similar community-mindedness—with a bit of a holiday lean.

“My claim to fame is that I ran Lights in the Heights in the Woodland Heights for three years,” Jan Greer says. “I loved it. My husband was civic association president in the Woodland Heights for a year. And you cannot do either of those two activities and not decorate your house. Like you, you will be shamed.” 

“We wanted to bring that with us,” she continues.

Greer told us that they did about 90 percent of the Christmas decorating themselves over the course of the past four weeks. (They hired a crew to hang lights on the towering rooftops.) And that they started earlier than ever before.

“Everybody wanted anything to move past this time of our lives,” she says. “And so, like tons of people who have previously scorned starting before Thanksgiving, including myself, we started a week or so earlier.” 

But today with a glowing red tower, a verdant green garland, and a giant gleaming Christmas tree perfectly placed in the picture window, Greer says they’re finally done—just in time for Christmas. 

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