We’ve been there. On the hottest of Houston days, most of us sorry pool-less folk are desperate for a dip.

We’ve crammed husbands into the Kroger kiddie pools, scanned the streets to track down the fancy neighbors we needed to befriend, and maybe even cracked our old apartment’s access code a time or two just for a chance to dive into the cool crisp waters on a 100-degree afternoon.

But those days are gone, thanks to a new app Swimmy that's entered the Houston market just in time for the blazing hot temps.

Essentially the Airbnb for swimming pools, Swimmy allows users to rent out their at-home pools for half- and full-day swim sessions. The app launched in the U.S. in May for users in Texas, California, and Florida.

For around $35 a head, pool renters get access to the pool and its grounds, as well as any other available amenities the pool owner allow, like outdoor games, tables, lounge chairs, etc. For an extra fee, users can often book the barbecue pit or even towels too.

The app originally launched in France in 2017 and has about 120,000 users in Europe, according to a press release. Renters must be 21 and up, but kids are allowed at most locations (and are even discounted). Plus, it's free to register. 

View the slideshow above to see where we'll be making our summer plans.

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