Lylyth Estates Ups The Romance With Loving Airbnb

Adeja Simone chats with Houstonia on how her romantic idea was brought to life.

By Danielle Wright

Main bedroom in Lylyth Estates

With Valentine’s Day OFFICIALLY one month out, now is a great time to start making plans to romanticize your loved ones. While the traditional date night or movie screening may be entertaining, Houstonian Adeja Simone is upping the ante when it comes to an unforgettable night. Simone is the sole owner of the romantic themed airbnb Lylyth Estates, which is truly created for the lover in you. 

The birth of the creative concept is inspired by Simone’s other businesses Lylyth Erotica & Lingerie, an adult shop and Lylyth Private Rooms, a service that helps curate special moments by decorating hotel rooms and homes. “In wanting to find different streams of income, my next project was trying to combine my brand with real estate, thus creating Lylyth Estates,” Simone tells Houstonia

Blue LED Kitchen

Settled in the lively neighborhood of Montrose, the one bedroom condo is impressively decked out for an immersive romantic experience. “I wanted to have various lovers' quarrels in each area and make each part of the home different,” explains Simone. Lylyth Estates features a custom money-themed bathroom and seductive, cinema-esque living room. The bedroom, also called The Red Room, is the main experience of the home, which guests can surely expect an eventful evening. The predominantly red room features velvet draping on the ceiling, a floor to ceiling rose wall and a custom heart shaped bed. “Whether you’re staying for a romantic weekend getaway or celebrating a special occasion with your significant other, this will be nothing less than a scintillating experience,” says Simone. 

The Red Room

Image: Lylyth Estates 

Although Lylyth Estates is made for a couple's staycation, Simone says the property can also be utilized as a creative space for influencers that are looking for the perfect backdrop to their content. “For photographers looking for a romantic photoshoot space or artists who may need a lover's location, they’re welcome to set up in the property, as it abides by the company’s restriction and COVID safety regulations.” 

Simone shared with Houstonia how Lylyth Estates settled in Montrose, when's the best time to book and what’s ahead for the rental home company. 

Cash Bathroom

Houstonia: The property is settled down in Montrose. What was the location scouting process to ensure the theme is best suited for the area?

Simone:I hired a real estate agent to handpick properties that best suited what I wanted. I was looking downtown and in the Galleria area, but once I saw that place, I fell in love with it, and Montrose is literally the perfect place for it. It's walking distance to steak houses, museums, the zoo, everything is right there in that area, perfect for couples. And, it also keeps it open for people in the LGBTQ community who are welcome as well. 

Houstonia: With Valentine's Day coming up, when would be the best time to book the space for the month of February?

Simone: People would often wait for the last minute, but now would be the best time to do it. You’ll already have your spot secured and you won’t have to worry about trying to get in or waiting for somebody to cancel. I’ll also add a private room curating, if requested. I will come in and personally set it up with rose petals and balloons to make the stay more personal and special. 

Houstonia: With the birth of so many creative spaces, what do you envision the future of Lylyth Estates?

Simone: I will most definitely be expanding. When starting this process I already knew I wanted to  recreate two more spaces in Houston and then expand outwards to California, Arizona, Miami, New York, and hopefully all over the world.  Keeping on brand with what I already have going on with my business and my company, I want to spark romance all over the world. 

For more information on Lylyth Estates and booking visit online. 

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