This month’s theme is Contradictions, so of course Macklemore, in town for Summer Fest June 2, is invited. His hit “Thrift Shop” is both a rapper’s stinging indictment of materialism and the cri de coeur of a man who loves Batman PJs. He’s in! As for Joseph Ellis, he’s a celebrated historian discussing his latest effort, Revolutionary Summer, at Brazos Bookstore June 5 and a man who lied for decades about being a combat soldier in Vietnam. He’s in! Actress Junie Hoang didn’t win her $1 million breach-of-contract suit against IMDb for revealing her true age but the subsequent media firestormlet made the hitherto obscure Hoodrats 2 actress a household name. She’s in! Orbit, everyone’s favorite green shag mascot, had to be thrilled when the team called him up from the minors until he realized he’d be cheering on a team well on its way to a third-straight 100-loss season. He’s in! And how could we resist inviting Renu Khator? She’s the kind of UH president who can both sympathize with/raise salaries for impoverished English TAs and take home 700 grand a year. She’s in!

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