The Perfect Party

Contradictions: from Macklemore to Orbit

Five people with whom we’d like to spoon in June

By Catherine Matusow June 1, 2013 Published in the June 2013 issue of Houstonia Magazine

This month’s theme is Contradictions, so of course Macklemore, in town for Summer Fest June 2, is invited. His hit “Thrift Shop” is both a rapper’s stinging indictment of materialism and the cri de coeur of a man who loves Batman PJs. He’s in! As for Joseph Ellis, he’s a celebrated historian discussing his latest effort, Revolutionary Summer, at Brazos Bookstore June 5 and a man who lied for decades about being a combat soldier in Vietnam. He’s in! Actress Junie Hoang didn’t win her $1 million breach-of-contract suit against IMDb for revealing her true age but the subsequent media firestormlet made the hitherto obscure Hoodrats 2 actress a household name. She’s in! Orbit, everyone’s favorite green shag mascot, had to be thrilled when the team called him up from the minors until he realized he’d be cheering on a team well on its way to a third-straight 100-loss season. He’s in! And how could we resist inviting Renu Khator? She’s the kind of UH president who can both sympathize with/raise salaries for impoverished English TAs and take home 700 grand a year. She’s in!

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