Remington: Publisher, author, electric shaver

By Houstonia Staff June 2, 2014 Published in the June 2014 issue of Houstonia Magazine

There are few rituals we look forward to more each month than tramping down to the mall and grabbing a copy of Houston Modern Luxury from atop the hefty stack in the entranceway. We riffle madly through page after page of the smart set’s yearbook photos until we come upon the publisher’s note, by Peter C. Remington, which is much the best thing in every issue. The only thing we’ve ever regretted about these witty notes is their brevity, which is why we were excited to hear that Prepare4More, Inc. has published a book-length work by Remington under the title Be-Aholic: A 14-Step Process to Becoming a Success-Aholic. 

“I wrote this book for us,” Remington begins, then quickly clarifies: “For you and me.” Following this careful dissection of his audience, the author sets about the task of teaching it how to achieve “what I call an Irrational Willingness to Succeed.” In support of Be-Aholic, Remington has made a few media appearances of late, which may seem a bit tardy for a book with a 2011 copyright. Presumably, he is attempting to piggyback on his latest irrational success, Houston Modern Luxury, a publication which he apparently controls down to the smallest detail. (“There was the designing, the picking of furniture,” goes a recent publisher’s note about the mag’s new offices. “This month I’ll be choosing carpet and colors.”)

Furthermore, Be-Aholic is bursting with Remington’s timeless wisdom, along with that of his mentors, who include Emerson, Johnny Nash, and Winnie the Pooh (“You can’t stay in your corner of the forest waiting for people to come to you. You have to go to them sometimes.”) Space does not permit us to capture the breadth and intricacies of the author’s success recipe. Suffice it to say that one must know “the difference between a victim or a victor” (hint: change two letters), keep a journal (“not just for little girls anymore”), read sentences like “Dear Universe, I am thirsty,” and learn from Remington’s mistakes (“I needed to erase the negative program that was given to me. I needed to edit that screenplay and rewrite it so I could star in my own life called ‘Peter’s Life the Way it was Meant to Be.’”) Also, you must—

Look at yourself in the mirror. Look directly and deeply into your eyes as if you’re looking into the eyes of your greatest love and say, “I forgive you.” … Then fall in love with yourself.

Be-Aholic is available at the Prepare4More web site, which we’re just now noticing is—surprise!—run by “Peter C. Remington, Chief Possibilities Officer.” The price of success? Just $19.95 (PayPal accepted). 

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