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Our 10 Biggest Stories of 2014

Of road trips and rollerblade dancers

By Katharine Shilcutt December 29, 2014

In keeping with the tradition (you know, just because it's only an eight-or-so-years-old tradition in the news media doesn't make it any less of a tradition) of year-end story round-ups, Houstonia presents its list of our 10 biggest stories of 2014.

These are the articles that you, our readers, clicked on and shared with such intensity that we momentarily stopped to ponder whether or not our magazine should just be one giant list of restaurants, bars, and neighborhoods. Rest assured, however, that we will continue to deliver a variety of content, articles, infographics, profiles, and features as diverse as Houston throughout the year ahead—and for as many more years as our readers want to know the hottest places to live. (2145: Mars!...or maybe not. We'll see.)

  1. The 25 Hottest Neighborhoods: Is Houston a wonderful city to live in? What, you’re asking us? Of course it is. That’s not the question. The question is, where within this vast expanse of wonderfulness should you live?
  2. The 15 Best Tex-Mex Restaurants: Finding the best in a city blessed with hundreds of Tex-Mex establishments was no easy task (especially on our arteries), but we did it, eating our way across Houston until we’d found the following favorites.
  3. The Montrose Rollerblader Goes National: Juan Carlos, the man who's been entertaining Houston motorists for years, headed to New York City to appear on America's Got Talent—and Howie Mandell was far from his only fan.
  4. Houstonia Says Goodbye to Alice Alsup: We'll always remember our talented former intern for her energy, independence, and quirky sense of humor.
  5. The Best Bars in Houston: Behold, the 10 best bars in all of Houstonia, plus 27 more definitive drinkeries in eight categories—perfect for date night, trivia night, and every night in between.
  6. 52 of the Best Road Trips from Houston: From families to nature lovers, couples to history buffs, budget travelers to sky’s-the-limit types—we’ve got a road trip for you.
  7. 10 Restaurants to Try in Clear Lake: From Mexican to Middle Eastern, from Nepalese to Thai—and, of course, seafood—Clear Lake has it all.
  8. The Best New Restaurants of 2014: Still looking for reasons to believe Houston is the country’s most dynamic food city? How about 38 of them?
  9. 5 Awesome Breakfast Tacos: What the bagel is to NYC, the breakfast taco is to Houston—so you’d better get it right.
  10. 7 Places You Should Be Eating in Pearland: Killen's BBQ isn't the only reason to head south on 288—Pearland also possesses top-notch Teutonic cuisine, killer kolaches, and much more.


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