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You Tell Us: Where Is Houston's Best Place to Work?

Do you look forward to Sunday ending so you can see your coworkers on Monday? We want to hear from you.

By Houstonia Staff August 1, 2017

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Inside the offices of Poetic Systems, a 2015 Best Places to Work winner

Treadmills that double as desks.

A La Marzocco GS3 espresso machine in the staff kitchen.

Regular pool tournaments in the office billiards room.

Paid time off to volunteer.

A wall of Nerf guns.

These are just a few of the answers we received the last time we asked our readers to tell us their favorite things about the places they work. And in 2015, these places were recognized in our bi-annual Best Places to Work issue.

They included companies large and small, and industries across the board (after all, Houston is home to much more than just energy firms these days). But the common thread between these 600-person safety services groups and 26-member internet technology ventures? The way they treat their employees.

And once again, we're on the hunt for those employers who deserve recognition. Does your company go out of its way for its people? Do you have a benefits package that's the envy of your friends? An office that makes you happy to arrive at work each day? An annual company party so epic it's the first thing you tell new prospects about?

If you think your office is one of the best places to work in Houston, sound off in our survey, sponsored by Green Bank. We'll publish the results in our upcoming December issue—and if your office is cool enough, we just might come by to capture a photo for our cover.

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