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8 Houston Women to Watch on Social Media

Follow these Houston influencers.

By Brittanie Shey January 30, 2018 Published in the February 2018 issue of Houstonia Magazine

Brenda Valdivia and Roxxy Haze, Nerd Love Podcast

Haze is a celebrated YouTube comic, while Valdivia is founder of the Mockingbird Network, a Houston-based podcasting collective for comedians and creatives. Together, the two cover their obsessions, from the Olympics to improv, on their podcast, and invite fellow enthusiasts to nerd out with them. 

Vee Ramos, Grown

“Adulting” is about more than making dentist appointments and folding your laundry, which is why Ramos launched a podcast to address the difficult but important conversations necessary to leading an emotionally healthy life. In each episode, she partners with a friend to discuss subjects like expectations, loss, and codependence. 

Sara Cress, Breaking Poems

A former Houston Chronicle journalist, Cress now publishes poems inspired by the day’s news. Sometimes they’re uplifting, sometimes they’re not, but each bite-size ode manages to distill the headlines to their emotional essence. 

Propane Jane

The anonymous tweeting doctor now has more than 95,000 followers on Twitter, a number that has more than doubled since Houstonia chatted with her back in December 2016. Why doesn’t she use her real name? As she told us at the time: “I talk about racism and misogyny and socioeconomic injustice—things that people know, but we don’t always say explicitly. I am saying some controversial things, and I am a public figure in my profession.” 

Karen Walrond, Chookooloonks

Walrond first started posting in the early heyday of blogging, and her lifestyle website, which includes photography, lessons from motherhood, and other creative endeavors, has continued to thrive even as others have shuttered. Like many Houstonians, Walrond’s house flooded during Harvey, and since then, her posts have focused on her family’s recovery process.

Monica Roberts, TransGriot

Roberts has been speaking truth to power with her award-winning blog since 2006, writing about issues affecting marginalized communities in the U.S., specifically, trans women of color. She’s a must-follow for commentary on Texas politics, and don’t miss her weekly blog feature, the Shut Up Fool Awards. 

Larami Serrano, Larami Serrano Photography

The photographer and mom of three writes about fashion, adventures with her sons, and Texas travel, but unlike most lifestyle bloggers, Serrano embraces the messier parts of life. Follow her blog for more introspective posts, or her Instagram for a taste of her frenetic, fun family life. 

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