Coming of Age, Houston-Style

What Goes Into a Modern Quinceañera?

From extravagant dresses to gourmet snacks, 15 has never been so sweet.

By Abby Ledoux May 29, 2018 Published in the June 2018 issue of Houstonia Magazine

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The Party:

This is a family affair, and event planner Claudia de Velasco has found a successful method for serving both demographics: “We split them up,” she says. Teens are tagged with VIP bracelets, admitting them to a separate, lounge-style area where they can dance and socialize away from the watchful eyes of their elders. Meanwhile, said elders, spared the Top 40 hits, have their own space to dance. “We want to make sure both ages are satisfied,” de Velasco says.

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The Dinner: 

The formal sit-down dinner, once standard practice, is now mostly for the adult table. While mom and dad choose from steak or chicken, teens have more kid-friendly fare. “They still have that kid appetite,” says de Velasco. That doesn’t mean Domino’s, though: Think gourmet pizza bites, sliders, and mini hot dogs.

The Sweets:

Birthday cake will never go out of style, but planners are bringing more to the table. Dessert bars allow guests to self-serve their wildest creations, from tricked-out ice cream sundaes to gourmet s’mores.

The Dress:

Modern quince dresses, undoubtedly the most recognizable feature of the whole shebang, are the stuff of princess dreams. Corset-style bodices covered in detailed beadwork and crystal embellishments cinch the waist before blossoming out into dramatic hoop skirts. Volume is achieved with layers upon layers of organza, taffeta, and tulle, while candy colors like hot pink and bright yellow call to mind spun sugar.

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