IT ALWAYS SEEMS NIGH WELL IMPOSSIBLE, RIGHT UP UNTIL THE PERFECT storm of CONDITIONS ARRIVE and Houston gets the joy (or is it unheated horror?) of taking in freezing temperatures and actual, real-life snow. Once again, that time is upon us, and Houston is blanketed in a respectable dusting of white. Here's what the Houstonia staff and Houstonians have been seeing since the snow started coming down Sunday evening.

If you want your pics to be included, send them to [email protected] Stay warm everybody since there's already plenty of fallout from the storm that is maxing out the state's electricity grid, as we've noted, but if you're lucky enough that you do have power—or really excellent cold weather gear—snow it up if you can, because we all know snow in the Bayou City is rare enough that we need to enjoy it when we've got it. 

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