New Study Finds Texas Is the 4th Worst State for Drunk Driving

Texas is one of worst states for driving under the influence.

By Shelby Stewart July 20, 2021


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If you ever wondered how bad drunk driving is in Texas, a study done by Buy Auto Insurance finds that Texas ranks No. 4 among the worst states for drunk driving. 

The study analyzed data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the U.S. Census Bureau to identify the states with the highest drunk driving traffic rates per capita. According to the study, the 10 worst states for drunk driving have an average of 6.8 traffic deaths caused by a drunk driver for every 100,000 residents. Of those top 10 states, eight of them are located in the South, and the other two are located in the West.

The study notes that although the national number of drunk driving traffic deaths declined during their three-year study, three of the 10 worst states actually saw increases in traffic fatalities involving an impaired driver. 

Buy Auto Insurance found that Texas is the fourth-worst state for drunk driving with 7.76 drunk driving deaths per 100,000 residents and 5,129 drunk driving traffic deaths over a three-year period. 

But Texas isn't the only state to have significant findings—the data names Mississippi as the worst state in America for drunk driving, as the Hospitality State sees 8.77 drunk driving deaths per 100,000 residents. South Carolina follows directly behind at No. 2, with 8.4 drunk driving deaths per 100,000 and 1,108 drunk driving traffic deaths. New Mexico ranks third, with 7.94 drunk driving deaths per 100,000 residents.

The study adds to the long list of reasons why driving in Texas is innately bad — like Houston being home to the most dangerous highway in the U.S. and a rapid increase in road rage.

To find more information on the study and its methodology, visit Buy Auto Insurance's website 

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