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This Houston Nurse Is Combating Female Hygiene Taxes

A local nurse practitioner is collecting women's hygiene items ahead of back to school.

By Shivani Parmar Edited by Shelby Stewart August 3, 2021


Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner Nikki Greenaway is fighting back against period poverty. 

More than half of the states in the U.S. have a ‘tampon tax’ and Texas is one of them.

Typically, people can go to the grocery store and purchase necessities such as food and medicine without paying an additional tax, however, female hygienic products are taxed – heavily. One Houston area nurse has made it her mission to fight back against period poverty. According to Marie Claire, women spend an additional $150 million per year on menstrual products. 

So, what is period poverty? Nikki Hunter Greenaway, nurse practitioner, and the founder of The Bloom Period Project describes it as the lack of affordable women’s hygienic products to women in need.

"Period poverty is real and it affects women and girls in our own community every day," said Greenaway. Through this initiative, she aims to be able to provide and collect menstrual products and other basic necessities for women to battle struggles that they are confronted with each month. This summer, The Bloom Project was able to donate menstrual health products to families, schools, and shelters all over New Orleans. 

Despite recently moving to a new city, Greenaway is not letting that stop her from continuing her operations here in Houston with the same mission in mind: to collect and donate women’s hygiene items to local schools, shelters, and universities in need, following the rising cost of these products.

"I am excited The Bloom Period Project will be able to serve women in need in Houston. The numbers have drastically increased since the beginning of COVID and product costs have increased as well," Greenaway continues. 

Donations are being accepted on a rolling basis. If you’d like to help, you can do so through their Amazon List. For more information, email [email protected]

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