The turkey legs are sizzling — fresh and ready for your enjoyment down at the rodeo, y’all! After closing the gates on March 11, 2020, because of  the pandemic, the acclaimed carnival is in high hopes that the year and a half hiatus will make 2022 even better than before.

The fairgrounds were a little quiet after the event kicked off at 2 p.m. this past Monday. Food vendors and amusement rides were still in the process of last-minute touches before being accessible to the public. 

While getting there at opening time was in hopes to beat the crowd, the positive was hot and fresh food. The turkey legs were fresh and crispy, with meat falling off the bone, and the sausage on a stick was full of flavor for your tastebuds. 

Once one made a complete round of  the grounds, brisket sandwiches, handmade cinnamon rolls, minneapple pies, street tacos, funnel cakes, roasted corn, vegan hot chicken and, of course, the rodeo favorite, deep fried Oreos, were available to munch on. Mutton bustin was also live, showcasing kids of ages 5 and 6 riding out on sheep. 

And with the most notoriety, what would the rodeo be without shopping? More than 300 vendors returned this year to the NRG Center, selling exclusive products like paintings, handmade jewelry and cowhide rugs. 

Cheers to rodeo season! We will surely be back. 

The rodeo will be open until Sunday, March 20, so be sure to get your carnival grounds admission and concert tickets here.

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