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Hayim Nissim Cohen and Our Responsibility as Journalists

A note in light of recent news.

By Houstonia Staff March 8, 2023

In February, Hayim Nissim Cohen was charged with abuse and sexual assault of many of his nine adopted sons. The state currently has 11 open criminal cases against him, one dating back to October 2019. 

Cohen and his children have been profiled extensively in local media over the years, including Houston Family Magazine in 2017 and Jewish Herald-Voice, Jewish Press, and this publication in 2019. 

At Houstonia, we consider it a responsibility and a privilege to not only share what makes our city special—the people and places that define Houston—but to illuminate the major issues, challenges, and struggles facing our city, too. To shine a light where it's needed.

In the case of our story on Cohen and his family, Houstonia fell short. We've unpublished the article to remove the names and photos of the minors involved.

Investigative reporting requires time and the deepest commitment to uncovering uncomfortable truths. It's not easy or perfect work. As we move forward, we will strive to do better.

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