Janan Araujo-Siam is a yoga instructor, born in Austin and proudly residing now in Houston. She received her bachelor's degree in art and performance from the University of Texas at Dallas and has written for several publications in DFW, including Art and Seek Magazine and the Dallas Morning News.
Janan’s passion is yoga; she’s studied with some of the modern masters and journeys to Nepal once a year to hike and meditate in the Himalayas. Besides Nepal, she loves to travel the globe with her wife; they’ve tromped through over 20 countries so far. In Houston, Janan enjoys chilling at good coffee shops writing or at home with her two kitties, Mario and Gabrielle.

Fitness Wellness Friday

Yes, Yoga Really Is for Everyone

A Houston yoga instructor makes a case for discovering your "inner why."

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Airplane Mode Yoga

Five Yoga Poses Perfect for Travelers on the Go

Yes, you can (and should) bust them out at the gate.

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