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Add Cava to your Friendsgiving Menu This Year

This Friendsgiving prepare a mouth-watering holiday dish

Presented by By Segura Viudas November 12, 2015

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This Friendsgiving prepare a mouth-watering holiday dish that pairs perfectly with Segura Viudas Cava, instead of your usual casserole and wine. Beyond your expertly cooked side, your crew will be delighted by the way the bubbly enhances the flavors of everything else on the table. You’ll instantly be upgraded from the friend who can (kind of) cook to the lifeline when anyone needs to plan a casual dinner in a snap. Since the turkey is most likely covered, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite side dish pairings. Choose one and rest assured you’ll be surrounded by good food, good friends and good Cava this Friendsgiving.

 Cranberry Sauce
The old stand-by is anything but boring when paired with the effervescence of Cava. The notes of citrus and apple in the Cava draw out cranberries’ sweet and sour tastes – resulting in a refreshing fruity finish.

Brussels Sprouts with Bacon
The fragrant vegetable, which used to be considered a “pass” food, is now on the top of everyone’s list come holiday season. Shred the Brussels sprouts and sauté with a little olive oil and bacon to create an irresistible dish. Who can pass on bacon, after all? Bonus: Cava is the cleansing drink to sip between fresh, salty bites. 

Sweet Potato Vanilla Casserole
Creamy and sweet, this hearty dish is a must on any holiday table. Cava stands up to each gooey, marshmallow-topped bite by brightening it up and breaking through the flavors. Use the fading bubbles as a cue that you’re ready for round two.

Spicy Sausage Stuffing
Forgo the boxed variety for a made-from-scratch version with a kick. Spicy sausage is unexpected and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how many people reach for seconds. Cava is the perfect way to lighten the spiciness and make your palate come alive with flavors.

Pumpkin Pie
It just wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without the seasonal favorite. Don’t mess with tradition. Instead, let Cava’s round, toasty palate compliment the richness of our old orange friend. The bubbles will come through the creaminess of the pie’s filling in the most delightful way.

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