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Bowlmor Houston

Bowlmor Houston’s newly renovated venue is officially ready to roll for every kind of event.

Presented by By CV November 20, 2015

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Houston’s newest place to party is an old favorite that’s been renovated, reimagined, and reborn. It’s Bowlmor Lanes—the upscale bowling, dining, and nightlife destination that combines stunning design and inventive dining with state-of-the-art features like video walls and the latest luxury amenities. It’s a posh lounge scene where you can eat, drink, mix, mingle, celebrate, and, of course, bowl.

After a multi-million-dollar renovation, the new Bowlmor Houston is ready to roll—offering a unique party experience for birthdays, holidays, and thoroughly striking private events. 

Kids Parties That Make a Scene

Searching for the perfect place to host your child’s next birthday? That search might not be as daunting and exhaustive as you might think. The new Bowlmor Houston has been redesigned with kids in mind—from premium party packages to kid-friendly menus to Bowlmor’s brand-new, massive arcade. Bowlmor Houston even lets you book your child’s birthday online (super convenient, right?) at www.events.bowlmor.com. There you can customize your child’s celebration and book a dream birthday party without the dreaded party-planning headache. Because busy parents need every minute they can get, Bowlmor lets you book from your desktop, tablet, and, yes, even from your smartphone!

 Seriously Fun Parties for Adults

Yes, you may technically be an adult, but that doesn’t mean you can’t party like a kid! Bowlmor Houston specializes in adult bowling bashes where you and your friends can eat, drink, and get crazy on the lanes. And with its superior laneside service, you never have to put your party on “pause” to enjoy Bowlmor’s world-class selection of inventive culinary creations (we suggest you try the pizza cupcakes…). Bowlmor Houston’s bar has also been recently revamped and expanded and includes a dazzling assortment of domestic and imported beers, fine wines, and signature cocktails artfully crafted with your favorite top shelf liquors. And, if you really (really) want to mark the occasion, there’s always the Behemoth Burger. What’s that, you say? It’s a 5-lb, 14-inch-round party burger that comes fully loaded and was featured in USA Today as one of America’s top burgers. This is one beast of a burger that’s made for sharing (trust us, you definitely don’t want to go it alone with this burger).

 Legendary Office Parties 

Everybody knows and fears the dreaded office party that takes place in the department conference room. Next time, leave party planning to the professionals at Bowlmor Houston. Bowlmor offers dedicated party planners who are specially trained to design (and perfect) your office party with customizable (and easily scalable) party packages that include bowling, arcade play, inventive holiday menus, and an all-star lineup of signature cocktails that will keep everybody in the best of spirits throughout your party! You may think it’s just an office party, but when you bring your team together on the lanes, you begin to realize that it’s much bigger than bowling; it’s a shared experience between you and your colleagues—one that allows you to bond while you bowl and to develop a newfound sense of camaraderie as you compete together for office bragging rights… and the last platter of nachos.

Whether you’re planning an event that’s kid-friendly, adult-approved, or office-ready—Bowlmor Houston offers the venue, packages, and party planning “know-how” to transform your next party into a truly memorable occasion. Check them out today at 925 Bunker Hill Road or online at Bowlmor.com.