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Faces Of Automotive: Audi Central Houston

Danny Posey - General Manager; Yuri Poshumensky - #1 AUDI Brand Specialist in the U.S.; Gerald Cardenas - General Sales Manager; John Villarreal - AUDI Product Knowledge Expert

Presented by By Audi Central Houston November 4, 2015

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 2120 Southwest Fwy. Houston, TX 77098 
713.596.3500 | AudiCentralHouston.com

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 Yuri Poshumensky // #1 AUDI Brand Specialist in the U.S.

As a Russian immigrant who first came to the US in 1991, Yuri Poshumensky has worked extremely hard to build both his business and clientele from the ground up. Poshumensky started in the automotive industry after moving to Houston in 1993, at a dealership which only sold about four cars per month. Twenty-two years later, Poshumensky has perfected his sales technique and now moves an average of 50 cars per month with the help of his two assistants; he’s even been the number one Audi salesman in the nation for five years in a row, though the humble Poshumensky would never volunteer that information himself. Instead, Poshumensky focuses on providing the best possible customer service to his clients, going out of his way to make sure they are taken care of, no matter the situation.

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Gerald Cardenas // General Sales Manager

The speed of the leader is the speed of the pack, and after 22 years in the automotive industry, Gerald Cardenas is constantly challenging himself and his team to reach ever-greater paces. Of the three brands Cardenas has worked with over the decades, Audi is by far his top choice. By improving business processes and creating new sales opportunities from the top down, Cardenas empowers his sales team to champion the brand with the same passion he shares for Audi, ensuring that excellent customer service can be experienced on all levels. Cardenas’s dedication to growth and improvement is apparent in the positive attitudes of his team on the showroom floor, though you are just as likely to find him working behind the scenes in true Audi form, reimagining the possible for Audi Central Houston—and if you find him outside of the dealership, you are likely to find Cardenas spending time with his two wonderful children and his high school sweetheart, his wife of 25 years.

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John Villarreal // AUDI Product Knowledge Expert

You know when a car is the one, but the search doesn’t always end there. With so many customization and tech options, the process of actually purchasing the one can often feel overwhelming. As one of the top-ranked Audi Brand Specialists in the US, John Villarreal has mastered the art of pairing technical knowledge with outstanding customer service, matching car buyers to their perfect fit every day. For Villarreal, taking the time to understand a customer’s needs and building a tailored Audi package is his first priority. With an overall focus on customer satisfaction, Villarreal goes above and beyond to structure deals to the buyer’s advantage, presenting a full range of options so that your deal and your Audi is always your best choice. If you can dream it—or even if you can’t!— Villarreal will help you find the ideal car.